Why does it matter?

It’s not just the earth we’re trying to protect. The earth will eventually take care of herself. It’s us, the humans that are in trouble! Why shouldn’t humanity have a better, safer, cleaner way of life if it’s available to us and no additional cost? Choosing to power your home off the renewable energy of the sun is one way to help be part of the solution.



Preventing and Restoring

We are always looking for people committed to promote a shared philosophy of sustainability:

Financial & Economic & Life Sustainability

We are all very fortunate to be living in a time where we have the ability to make decisions that have an immediate and direct positive effect, for us, our friends and family and the world at large

There are many ways to live sustainable. In addition to solar, there are many choices we make daily that can have a positive impact on ourselves and others such as,

Reducing waste
Energy efficiency
Eat local foods
Eat organic foods
Support locally owned businesses